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Game made for Ludum Dare 34

Plant and harvest carrots while being attacked by exploding robots.

Patch v1.01

v1.01 has several bug fixes including a fix for a nearly unavoidable game-breaking bug so you probably want to download that version instead.

Fixed these issues:

  • the player's inventory wouldn't pick up a larger amount of items after dropping an item in an earlier slot, essentially making the game unbeatable
  • the Water Deity's dialogue didn't update automatically after the island reached the second stage of growth or after winning the game
  • if the player ate while starving to death they continued to starve
  • mulch spawned in the incorrect position

Install instructions

Unzip folder and run the game (Aina)


Aina Windows v1.01.zip 46 MB
Aina Mac v1.01.zip 14 MB
Aina Linux v1.01.zip 15 MB
Aina Windows.zip 46 MB
Aina Mac.zip 14 MB
Aina Linux.zip 15 MB

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